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New VTT Battle-maps and other Roleplaying & Tabletop Gaming products:

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Art & Fonts

Sci-fi / Cyberpunk Mini Adventure Cards
A 50 card deck, created for “any” science-fiction / cyberpunk roleplaying game. Use the cards with your favourite science-fiction/cyberpunk RPG.

  • 40 Mini Adventures. Used them as seeds for a larger campaign – or played them out directly while improvising.
  • 20 MegaCorp Logotypes. Ten cards with all different, but high-quality black/white logotypes to add flavor for any story!
  • 240 Random names of MegaCorps and smaller sized businesses.
  • 240 random NPC names.
  • 80 random traits; Mutations, cyber-tech and accessories.
  • 40 random weapon icons.

All this random information can be used to create NPC:s in an improvised setting – or as a GM supplement when creating your own adventures.

Generic Adventure Magazine #1
Speed write an adventure! Create a RPG adventure quick for your role playing session. Detailed description and tutorial on how to create a great adventure fast.

Generic Adventure Magazine #2
Surprise your players with a backwards told gaming session! This issue helps you create a more fun adventure by switching the story-telling backwards!

The Random Solo Adventure gamebooks are fun, fast and entertaining to play for any age. Help the King solve 18 different quests, in Fantasy Dungeon, chase after a treasure deep in the Jungle Quest adventure book – or fight the bad-guys of the future in the action-packed sci-fi book Post Apocalypse.

You’ll find all of them – and more! – in the DriveThruRPG store.

If you are creating your own role playing products, you know how important it it to have cool and exciting illustrations and fonts! Check out’s Cthulhu-inspired art-work, font-styles and other artwork – all with a worldwide, for life, royalty free license included!

Also works great for any GameMaster who wants to beef up their games and adventures.

Mike Shark solves crimes in the troublesome cyberpunk future world of Porto Remina. Follow his detective work in the tech-noir thrillers, out now on e-book or softcover media.

Cool hardcore old-fashioned action with tons of twists and turns! Buy on Amazon, iTunes or DriveThruFiction.