just released Druge! Core Rule Book.

Drudge! is a table top role playing game for any genre. It is a fun, fast-paced game with easy to learn rules. Bring your group of characters into any type of adventure, have them develope during the campaign and grow for the next quest.

  • Easy to learn game-system.
  • Fast, super-quick action and fight rules.
  • Functional for any genre and setting.
  • Role playing sessions possible.
  • Character development between adventures.
  • Generic rules for skills so new skills can easily be added.
  • Six-sided dice based, for ease of transport and use.

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Drudge! Core Rule Book (, 2016)

Drudge! Core Rule Book (, 2016)

Adventures and campagins are being written. The rule book and Official Site also describes how you can develope your own material and supplements.

Official Site:

Have fun with Drudge!