A NEW cool generic adventure is now released: Pirates!

Heavily influenced by the (amazing!) TV-series BLACK SAILS (Starz, 2014-), Pirates! is an action-packed, hardcore High Seas adventure for a gaming group that wants to explore swashbuckling, local island politics, rum-drenched pirate captain assassinations – and much more!

Pirates! is a non-linear high seas/pirate adventure that places the adventurers in a situation where they can gain control over Shark Bay – a pirate run island in the Caribbeans! They only have to get rid of the five pirate captains that rule the town now…

As usual, this small adventure is sold at DriveThruRPG for only $1 USD!

This adventure work perfect with our own RPG rule system Drudge!

Get the core rulebook from DriveThruRPG.