just released its first Printable Board Game – ARENA!

Arena is a fast paced action game with a fantasy setting. Easy to learn rules and fun to play for almost any age!

Arena includes three different characters to choose from:

  • The Knight – who is slow, but very strong and can handle any weapon.
  • The Thief – who is fast, but weak, but has the the ability to steal.
  • The Wizard – who is weak and with low fighting skill – but can handle magic!

Included in the downloadable PDF are all needed rules (and some additional ideas as well), Cards, the Character game pieces and the game board. You will need to print these, and cut some of them out, before you can start to play – but this is fast and easy!

The only other items you need are a pencil and a six-sided dice!

Arena is fun and fast! It’s a game you can instantly start playing with a friend.

AND it costs ONLY $2 – TWO DOLLARS for a complete board game!

Get it instantly at DriveThruRPG.