just released FOUR cool fonts in TTF format – including a lifetime, royalty free commercial license!

Take advantage of this great offer and download these three amazing fonts right now from DriveThruRPG.

The first font is a DEMON font including 24 Necronomicon-looking horror characters – perfect for any horror or Cthulhu documents you need to create.

The other font is a FANTASY font, including 36 detalied illustrations with chests, barrel, weapons and a really scary tentacle.

The third is a HORROR font, including 26 detailed specially illustrated icons – some Cthulhu inspired, monsters, gravestones and an even more scary tentacle!

Last – but definatly not least – is another HORROR font, heavily Cthulhu and Necronomicon inspired with 40 characters. All letters, numbers and period, comma, question and exclamation marks. A really interesting font for any role playing game letters, hand-outs or scary book pages…