We are SOON starting our KICKSTARTER for our new deck of cards:

Science Fiction Mini Adventures!

This is a great supplement for any GM playing any sci-fi/cyberpunk/mutant/post-apocalypse kind of game, where you need a quick adventure and extras…

The cards include 40 Mini Adventures, all detailied in six different sections:

  • Call to Action – the start of the adventure.
  • Deeper Story – explaining the details of the storyline.
  • Turning Point – a twist that adds some extra flavor.
  • All Looks Lost – a defining conflict towards the end of the adventure.
  • End – The ultimate ending of the story.
  • Reward – what the adventurers gain from completing the adventure.

All the sections are optional – and the GM can easily expand or deduct from the stories while playing, or during setup. Playing an adventure is now as easy as drawing a card from a deck!

But this deck does not only contain adventures – it also includes these extras:

  • 10 Mega Corporation Logotypes – one on each of the ten cards, black/white, high resolution. Great for further story depth and adding flesh to your evil (or non-evil?) mega corps!
  • 300 Business Names!
  • 300 NPC Names!
    Yes – totally 600 random names for businesses and NPC:s – a really great tool for GM to use when the players enters a new facility, talk to a random NPC or where you just need to quickly find a name.

This Kickstarter will start in the beginning of March, 2017. It has a goal of $500 USD. Pledging gives you access to this deck before it will start selling online, and helps develop the cards.

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