a Solo Gamebook Adventure

Ellen Wittgrave, a renowned historian known for her relentless pursuit of ancient mysteries, had suddenly vanished. Just days before her disappearance, she had spoken excitedly about a groundbreaking discovery related to the town’s ancient catacombs. Many believed the catacombs hid a deadly trap, a creation of a deranged engineer from centuries ago, which threatened to annihilate the town.

Your journey begins at the edge of the local cemetery, where the first clue awaits…


The Secret of the Catacombs is a 82-section, 116 paged, fully illustrated interactive piece of mystery to be solved by YOU! Is works as an introduction to gamebooks, or as a fun, short game for the experienced gamebook nerd. Either way – this is a fun book for any reader of interactive fiction.

  • 82 Sections, 116 pages

  • 40 Full page illustrations, and many more smaller throughout the book! Most in color!

  • Creative comic-book look and vintage 1920s feel to the storyline.

  • Dice-free rule system! You only need something to take notes on!

  • Several different paths to follow – insta-deaths and moral dilemmas. Can be played through several times.