today released our new solo role playing game book: “Random Solo Adventure: Fantasy Dungeon“.

This is our first book in the planned Random Solo Adventure-series.

In this first book, Fantasy Dungeon, you become the Hero in a Kingdom in dire need of help. Take on a quest to save the Kingdom from dragons, demons, goblins and war. Each game is random! Every time you play the book takes you on a new path.

An interactive, exciting and fun solo role playing game book that digs deep in the history of game books, as well as bring out new ideas and amazing battles. Several different items, magic potions and weapons to find – many different paths to explore. Bring out your dice, pencil and paper – and take on the adventure!

Buy Random Solo Adventure: Fantasy Dungeon now at Lulu. Click here to access the book.


Download the Character Sheet and print for easier game play.

Click here to download the Character Sheet on International A4-paper.
Click here to download the Character Sheet on US Letter-paper.

The above files are PDF-files. You will need Adobe PDF Reader to be able to open them.
The book is Copyright © J. Pingo® Lindstrom &, 2015.
The Character Sheet is available for free. Print as many as you need for your game play.