LIVE on Kickstarter: Sci-fi/cyberpunk Mini Adventure Cards!

GM resource with:

  • 40 adventures
  • 10 MegaCorp Logotypes
  • 600 Random Names

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Goal is LOW $500 USD. With our Early Bird pledge of $22, you will recieve the physical card deck!

This is a really cool and good resource that adds hours of play to any sci-fi/cyberpunk/tech-noir playgroup. The adventures (40 of them!!) are easy to understand, changeable and written “generic” to be able to be used in any rule system.

The 10 MegaCorp logotypes are a great hand-out to add flavor to any game. Add to this 300 NPC names, 150 small business names and 150 MegaCorp names – perfect to pick at random or choose from when creating your own adventures and campaigns.

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